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Historical maps at The Public Library for Union County

These maps are of interest to historians and genealogists – from frontier  and Indian settlements of the early 1700’s to a map of Lycoming County in 1946.  Most of these maps are extremely fragile.

  • Pennsylvania Archives maps from the very early European period of Pennsylvania settlement.
  • Frontier and Indian settlements: Carte des Frontieres.  Date unknown. (1700?) Inaccurate topography showing northern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Southern Canada.  Written in French and English, showing rivers, mountains, Indian villages and the few settlements then in existence.
  • Northwestern PA: “This map of part of the northern boundary of Pennsylvania is most humbly inscribed to the Supreme Executive Council of that Commonwealth by their humble servt Benjn Ellicott”. This map from the 1700s shows streams, lakes and swamps of the Alleghany River drainage area and part of Lake Erie.  Shows forts, Indian towns and one road.
  • Donation Lands in Pennsylvania: Compiled from the drafts of surveys in file in the Department of Internal Affairs, by J. Sutton Wall.  Date unknown.  Unfortunately this map shows only Western Pennsylvania.
  • Philadelphia environs in 1777: “Seat of War (Revolutionary War) in the environs of Philadelphia,” By Thos Kitchin Senr, Hydrographer to his Majesty.  Published in ? London Magazine, 1777. Shows road, rivers, mountains.
  • A Chart of Delaware Bay and River:  From the original by Mr. Fisher of Philadelphia, 1776.  Published in ? London Magazine, 1777. Shows Philadelphia, Chester, Wilmington, Newcastle, shipping channels and the point where tributaries enter the bay.
  • General John Sullivan’s Indian Expedition, 1779: Published by the Pennsylvania Historical Commission, 1929.  Illustrated, geography distorted.  Shows geographical and man made features of importance to the expedition.
  • Pennsylvania counties in 1791: Map done by Reading Howell showing Pennsylvania counties, towns, forges, mills, roads and portages.
  • A general view of the Roads and inland navigation of Pennsylvania and part of the adjacent states, Respectfully inscribed to Thomas Mifflin Governor and the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  By John Adlum and John Wallis.  Date unknown but Governor Mifflin served from 1790-1799.  Shows a few early settlements.  Some of the streams and tributaries are inaccurately drawn.
  • Pennsylvania, Printed by Singerly and Myers, state printers, Harrisburg, Pa 1868.  Shows counties, towns, mountains and streams. 
  • Flood map of Lewisburg,  March 19, 1936.  Col Samuel B. Wolfe and Merrill W. Linn for the Saturday news.
  • Lycoming County, 1946.  Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Dept of Highways.  Shows townships, roads, railroads, and streams. 

Other historical maps


Union County and Susquehanna Valley

USGS Quadrangle Maps located in the library

  • Pennsylvania index to topographic maps
  • Snyder County County map
  • Richfield Quadrangle
  • Middleburg Quadrangle
  • McClure Quadrangle
  • Beaver Springs Quadrangle
  • Dalmatia Quadrangle
  • Freeburg Quadrangle